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eggpad.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

from dcc, type .eggpad <filename> to create a new text file or to    
modify an existing text file.                                        
Refer to the help menu that appears when you do so, for more tips    
and commands while in edit-mode.                                    
from dcc, type .eggpad -send <filename> <nick> to send a created    
eggpad text file to you or <nick>.                                  
Some examples of where eggpad might be useful:                      
- Create tcl scripts on the fly for your bot                        
- Edit your bot's configuration file on the fly                      
- Write yourself quick memos                                        
- etc.. etc.. etc..                                                  
Special Note:                                                        
In regards to the special characters while editting,                
if you actually want, for example "^t" in your text, and not a tab  
then you would use "^^t" (two carrots), and the same for the other  
special characters.                                                  

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