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topiclock.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

Version history:

  • v1.00 - The very first version!
  • v1.01 - Fixed a little bug in topc:tl_change proc. Also made the channel option optional and added the help section.
  • v2.00 - Rewrote almost everything and made this script also more compact. Fixed a bug that allowed multiple timers to start. Now the flood protection takes effect only on chans whose topic is locked. Added also channel and msg commands. Now you can also lock or unlock topics of all channels by using tlockall and tunlockall commands.
  • v2.01 - Oops! Missing ')' caused a syntax error and I also forgot to bind few procs.
  • v2.02 - Little cosmetic changes.
  • v2.03 - Made this script more secure and fixed few little bugs.
  • v2.04 - Fixed minor bug in the topc:tl_change proc. (Found by TiM)

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