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statistics.tcl 1.0.0

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<bot> !stat|tstat <nick> <channel> - View statistics of the selected nick for all time|today in the specified channel.
<bot> !place|tplace <nick> <parameter> <channel> - View the place of the chosen nick in channel for the specified parameter for all time|today.
<bot> !top|ttop <number> <parameter> <channel> - View top users for all time|today in the chosen channel by the chosen parameter.
<bot> !all <channel> - View the full statistics of your chosen channel for all time.
<bot> * Available options: letter, line, smiles, words, joins, nick, action, kicks, topics, modes, time.
<bot> ** Without specifying a channel or user, the statistics of the current channel or the user who used the command will be shown. If the parameter is absent, the quantity will be used as words.
<bot> !sappend <nick1> <nick2> <channel>  - Combined statistics of nick1 and nick2 in channel. nick1 it will then be removed.
<bot> !sset <nick> <parameter> <value> <channel>  - installing a new values for parameter on nick for channel.
<bot> * As a parameter, use only lines, words, letters, smilies, joins, nicks, actions, kicks, topics, modes, time.
<bot> !sraw <nick> <channel>  - viewing statistics for nick in channel in the "raw" format.

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