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findip.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

This script allows to find out the real IP of an user connected thru webchat services based on cgi:irc. In these services IP is converted into an hex long and used as the ident part of hostmask.

Once installed the script will automatically show informations about users who enter in a channel thru a webchat service. The same information wille be available by using the channel command !findip nick_of_the_user.

Bot owner can enable/disable features on the fly:

.set findip_do (0|1)
Enable (1) or disable (0) global support for !findip
.set findjoinedip_do (0|1)
Enable (1) or disable (0) global display of user's IP when they join a channel
.set findip_channel(#channel_name) "0" or .set findip_channel(#channel_name) "1"
Enable (1) or disable (0) display of user's IP when they join channel_name
These settings can be made permanent by editing the findip.tcl file.

Download and installation
FindIP can be downloaded directly from this site: findip.tcl.

To install it follow these steps:

Edit preferences (AKA settings) in file findip.tcl. If you don't do it the script will not work!
Copy findip.tcl into the folder scripts/ of your Eggdrop installation.
Add at the end of eggdrop.conf file the following line: source scripts/findip.tcl
Connect to your bot thru DCC or shell and issue the following command: .rehash
Script status
This script is freeware. If you think that it can inproved or wish to suggest new features, please write me.

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