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public_quotes_system.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

Description :

This script adds following commands :

  • !addquote <quote>  To add a quote.
  • !quote <quote number> [#chan] :  To display a quote.
  • !quoteinfo <quote number> [#chan] : To display some informations about a given quote.
  • !delquote <quote number> : To delete a quote.
  • !randquote [#chan] : To display a random quote.
  • !lastquote [#chan] : To display the last quote.
  •  !findquote [-all/#chan] <search argument(s)> : To look for a quote.

Put some quotation marks around your search arguments to look for an exact match.

Use the -all option to do a global search in every channel's databases  OR specify a chan.

  • !deletedquoteinfo <quote number> : To display some informations about a deleted quote (admin command)
  • !undelquote <quote number> : To restore a deleted quote (admin command)
  • !forcedelquote <quote number> : To delete a quote, even if you are not its author. (admin command)
  • !cancelquote <latest quote number> : To cancel cancel the latest recorded quote on the current channel. (Removes it entirely, does not leave any remains) (admin command)

 No need to say that !forcedelquote and !cancelquote commands must be used ethically,
 for maintenance operations or in order to face users misuse of the commands.

 A directory named quotes.db will be created in the eggdrop's directory.
 It contains quotes databases.

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