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mashquotes.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

Mash Quote Database

By Datacide@goddamn-inter.net

This script is based on Discworld Quotes 1.0 by Dibbler
who based his on Dubya.tcl, which is filled with George W Bush quotes.

All credits for the actual programming of the script goes to that scripts programmer. http://www.unknown.nu/eggdrop/
I added the !suicide and the mash quotes. I will probably add some stuff over time, mainly a quote function
according to the person being quoted, so check up in between on www.goddamn-inter.net or www.cybermancer.org

To add a quote just add lines like "\" QUOTE (M*A*S*H)\""
The \ is important, as it is an escape character for the Quote marks, hence if you have
single or double quotes in the quote, you need tp put a \ in front

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