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debug.1.0.1.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

debug.tcl uses changes to the existing global namespace tcl variable errorInfo to output, to a preconfigured irc bot ..
.. channel, a full trace on any errors as and when they occur, emanating from any tcl script loaded on the bot

this script is expected to profer some improvement on simply using .set errorInfo in the partyline in that it should ..
.. output a trace on consecutive errors and not just the last one to have occured

each tcl error will generally write to the variable errorInfo several times as the error is unwound. this script ..
.. intelligently isolates the last such variable change per any single error which then contains the full trace

it provides more information than the minimal tcl error that is displayed in the partyline by default and, as such, is ..
.. primarily intended as a tool to aid script authors in determining the root cause of errors

this script may also prove useful in allowing users to more completely report errors to their respective script authors

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