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bomba.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File


This is a small TCL script for Eggdrop.  Timebomb is a game where one person
asks the Eggdrop bot to plant a timebomb in another users pants.  The target
user then needs to diffuse the bomb by cutting the correct wire, or be
kicked from the channel.

To start the game a user must type:
    !bomba <nickname>

  • This will cause the target user to have a timebomb "stuffed in their pants" once this occurs the user will have a number of seconds to diffuse the bomb.
  •  Diffusing the bomb is done by typing:  !taie <color>
  • The wire colors you can choose from are displayed when the bomb is planted.
  • This script will not allow bots (Users who are +b), or the bot running the script, to be timebombed.
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