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vote.tcl 1.0.0

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Version History:

  • 10/02/2001 - 1.0    Initial Release
  • 10/05/2001 - 1.1b    Added support for rehashing without losing current vote
  • 10/21/2001 - 1.1    Added !endvote and !time chan commands
  • 11/16/2001 - 1.12    Added Tie Breaking support (extends time)
    • Added support for voter selection (S, o, v or -)
    • (- means anyone, S for senior vote (user must have +S flag))

            Commands added:
                !opvote (default)
           Disallowed voting using a bot (Thanks, redstar, for the ..uhm 'hint')

  • 11/24/2001 - 1.13    Added hostmasking to identify voters (No more dialup user vote reminders)
  • 12/11/2001 - 1.14    Fixed the "Time Left" counter.  It was displaying the full time throughout the vote
    • Fixed the hostmasking support (was causing ppl to not be able to vote, heh)
  • 12/20/2001 - 1.15    Fixed a bug where the bot msg'd people to vote who already voted

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