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botaway.tcl 1.0.0

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About This File

Version history:

  • v1.00 - The very first version!
  • v1.01 - Added the missing commands to away-help.
  • v1.10 - Changed the name of this script from away.tcl to botaway.tcl 
    •  Modified .away to .botaway, because .away was already in use.
    • Now you can select is the message log either ON or OFF. You can also select what kind of away message do you want. Added more of those "stupid" away reasons, fixed some big bugs and divided settings in to two sections. Also fixed bug with away reasons that contain chars like { } [ ] $ \ " 
  • v1.11 - Renamed the procs & fixed some cosmetic things.
  • v1.12 - Now you can select the channels where the bot shows the away-actions.
  • v1.13 - Had to change time command to strftime, because v1.4.0 doesn't support time and date commands anymore.
  • v1.14 - Changed the names of the commands and the actual away time is now used.

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