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How do I share a userfile between two bots?



You will have a HUB bot, the bot that will send the userfile to other bots. Decide who that will be. Then, on this Hub bot (BotHUB) do this for each bot that is going to receive the userfile:


.botattr ShareBot +s|+s #sharedchannel  


On your passive bot (ShareBot) do this:

.botattr BotHUB +p|+s #sharedchannel                                   
.botattr BotHUB +h (only do this  when  you want the bots to connect)  


The |+s is used to make the bot also share flags for the given channel. For this to work, you must also set the channel in your configuration file to be "shared". Set this in both bots configuration.

.channel set #sharedchannel +shared  




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