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Bot Linking and Sharing



How do I link two bots?

Two bots can link through a TCP connection (telnet) and you will then be able to talk to the people on others bots partyline.

You will need at least Botnet Master access on both bots to link them, or have someone do their stuff on the other side. You will have to know the address and port each bot is listening to.


Then, all you need to link them is to set the following:


1. Decide which bot you will want to link to which one. Let's say it is BotA and BotB.On BotA, add an bot record for BotB.

  .+bot BotB botb.telnetaddress.here:port 

(if you already have a BotB user without the +b flag, remove it, and readd it this way. You cannot simply do a .chattr BotB +b to turn it into a bot)


2. On BotB, do the same for BotA

 .+bot BotA bota.telnetaddress.here:port 


3. How can I make my bots always connect to each other when they start (+h)?

You will want to make one of the bots the HUB of your little botnet, that is, other bots will always try to connect to it first. For this, you must set it with the +h bot flag on all other bots. In the case you have BotA and BotB, and want BotA to connect to BotB and vice-versa, you set the +h flag to the opposite bot:

  on BotB:  .botattr +h BotA  
  on BotA:  .botattr +h BotB 

4. Link both bots, from any side. For example from BotA, type:

.link BotB

They should link and tell you that it was successful. It's DONE.


What if my bots won't link for some reason?


The password is incorrect.

Remove the password on both bots:

  on BotB:  .chpass BotA
  on BotA:  .chpass BotB

Link again


If still some other error occurred:

Check if you have set the telnet-addresses and the port number correct.

Use the .dccstat command on both bots to see if they are really listening "(telnet) * lstn" on the ports you specified.

Make sure you are not using a firewall, if you are, you need to guarantee that the telnet connection from one bot to the other can come through it. See some settings in the sample configuration file for further help.





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